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Sienna Plantation House Sold Fast

Selling your House Fast, the Right Way.

Sienna Plantation home in a double cul-de-sac

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Words that Real Estate Agents hate to hear… If it’s meant to be…. As much as we would like to debunk this statement at times  I find this statement to be true when Seller’s and Buyers take the advice of their Agents and Lenders to help create the successful Real Estate transition.

 This house in Sienna Plantation never made it to the Market before it got sold. <== 

The Right people at the Right time

We can’t always explain how some of these things happen, but what we do know is this.  If you price your home within the price range, do the correct marketing, stage and present the house in the right way, then the house will always sell in the market timeframe that currently exists for your area.  This house in Sienna Plantation had owners that were willing to do what it took to get the house ready for the spring market.  They were physically and mentally available to do the work that it took to move their family to the next destination. These Seller’s helped to create the perfect storm For this house.

Sellers can Make Mistakes when Selling a House

Living in a home for years, creating memories, raising a family, life…. It’s what happens.  Homeowners become emotionally attached.  After all, you bought your house and made it your home for a reason.  Now you’re ready to find a new place.  Ready to upgrade, or downgrade.  Life happens and leaves us with different decisions to make.  At times that mean’s finding a new place to call home.  Even though your home is usually your biggest asset, owners tend to not want to let go.  This is a huge mistake.

Even though your home is usually your biggest asset, owners tend to not want to let go.  Do your homework! Your agent should not only give you a price range on your house but should also educate you on the market.  When your agent educates you, make sure you understand what they are helping you with.  If you don’t understand, it’s o.k. to tell them that.  Selling a house isn’t an everyday occurrence for most.  Selling a house can also be complicated.  The data your agent will be giving you will help you know exactly what it will take to sell your home to the next family.  Understanding and interpreting the data will ease your mind and help with what you can expect on the journey of selling.  Take their advice and don’t sell yourself short.  *a bit of unpopular side advice, just because you think your house has the most upgrades doesn’t mean the price range your agent give’s you is wrong.  Unfortunately, not all upgrades translate to more money on houses.

Make sure your agent is:

  • Taking professional pictures.
  • Boosting the home on the internet/advertising
  • Ask about site syndication
  • Open houses and how many they will be doing
  • Will they be doing a virtual tour
  • Are they giving you the advice to help ‘make ready’ your home for sale?

Make sure you:

  • Price it within a range that your agent suggests selling
  • keep your house clean at all times and ready to show on a moments notice
  • If available, make sure all lights in house and curtains/blinds are open for showings
  • curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal.  make the front shine!
  • Be ready to show on a moments notice.
  • make the necessary changes to sell the house
  • take down personal items that brand the house to you and your family

Selling a house is a big job.  It isn’t convenient to the family at all!  Be ready to change a few things around the house and be a little bit inconvenienced.  If you will follow your Agents instructions, the work will all be worth it.

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