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    5 tips to get your house ready in today’s market

    Marketing a home is more than just slapping a few phone pictures up of your home and uploading the information on the MLS.  Getting your house ready to sell takes preparation, care, and effort.  There is a science that sells the house and we start the process by Showing off your best side (your house) first.  Below is our 5 best tips to help get your house ready in today’s housing market.

    1. Curb Appeal–  As people drive by and look at your house, what do they see?  Is it appealing?  If they see it on the internet and drive up the first time, are they going to want to enter the home?  Curb appeal matters!  Take the time to make sure the outside of your home is impeccable. You want buyers to feel like they are coming home.  Make sure flower beds have fresh mulch and no weeds.  Flowers and grass are alive.  Bushes are trimmed.  Use a  lawn service to come make it shine.  Now is also a good time to hire the window cleaners and exterior home cleaners.  Those cob webs and dirty windows will get noticed.  The front door is also important.  Make sure it is clean and looks fresh.  If it needs to be refinished, then do it.  It’s part of the buyer’s first impression of a home.  Keep in mind, buyers start critiquing the house at the first moment they step out of their cars.
    2. Paint- Neutralize your home with the latest trending neutral colors.  A quick tip, You can go to your local paint store and ask for the most popular color and feel confident that you will hit a color winner every time.  If your walls are bright colors or dark colors that might be out of the neutral norm,  just paint it.  If you are still in doubt, call your Real Estate agent.  He/She can come out and advise you if that wall color that you have been in love with is o.k. to leave, or needs a fresh coat of paint. Remember, Your not looking to customize the home for you.  You’re Neutralizing the house to accommodate a buyer so they can envision their family in the house and make your house theirs.  You are creating a feeling.  There is a reason you bought the house originally.
    3. Kitchen- Dated kitchens are a huge reason buyers won’t choose your home.  Sometimes just changing the hardware/knobs on the cabinets is enough to spruce up your home and give it a fresh look.  You might also consider a new tile backsplash.  If your counter tops are looking a bit drab, then this is also an expense you could feel good about upgrading.  Your cabinets might be showing the age of the house.  One of the cheapest fixes is a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets.  I would caution you on DIY with this project.  Get some advice from your Real Estate agent on this to find someone who knows how to give your cabinets a facelift!
    4. Master bedroom-  Since the person who buys the house will be sleeping in this bedroom, you need to make sure it is an oasis for the buyer.  A place that they feel like they could really come home and relax in.  Master bedrooms and bathrooms are a must upgrade.  Make sure they are clean.  You may think your home is going to look like a model home at the newest development… Well, that’s the feeling you are trying to achieve.

    Flooring-  No one likes a dirty floor.  Flooring matters.  It has become a lot more popular with buyers that they are wanting no carpet on the main.  Bedrooms are always the exception, and stairs and the upstairs seems to be okay with carpet also.  A big no-no is a dirty carpet.  Stained carpet.  You need to make sure your carpet is clean.  Especially if you have animals.

    Now its time for you to set aside your feelings and let someone else find the feeling they are looking for to buy yours.
    As seen on Houston’s Channel 2 News

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