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Monthly Archives: December 2018

    How To Save Thousands Of Dollars In Interest On Your Mortgage

    By Joanie Caskey | December 31, 2018

    102 One of the most common loans you can get to buy a home is a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. If the thought of paying for your home over the course of 30-years seems daunting, here are some easy ways to shorten that term which will actually end up saving you money over the life... Read More

    What Makes A House A Home For You?

    By Joanie Caskey | December 28, 2018

    We frequently talk about why it makes sense to buy a home financially, but more often than not the emotional reasons are the more powerful or compelling ones. No matter what shape or size your living space is, the concept and feeling of a home can mean different things to different people. Whether it’s a certain... Read More

    How To Simply Increase Your Family Wealth By Paying For Housing

    By Joanie Caskey | December 17, 2018

    Everyone should realize that unless you are living somewhere rent-free, you are paying a mortgage – either yours or your landlord’s. Buying your own home provides you with a form of ‘forced savings’ that allows you to use your monthly housing costs to increase your family’s wealth. Every month that you pay your mortgage, you are paying off a... Read More

    What’s Popular for Toilets, Showers and Tubs in Master Baths

    By Joanie Caskey | December 12, 2018

    When it comes to their master bathroom remodels, some homeowners who are renovating are going beyond basic toilets, showers and tubs and opting for cutting-edge options — such as toilets that clean themselves and tubs with built-in mist dispensers — according to the 2018 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study. Read on to find out what’s popular and... Read More

    2008 Vs. Now: Are Owners Using Their Homes As ATMs Again?

    By Joanie Caskey | December 10, 2018

    Over the last six years, we have experienced strong price appreciation which has increased home equity levels dramatically. As the number of “cash-out” refinances begins to approach numbers last seen during the crash, some are afraid that we may be repeating last decade’s mistake. However, a closer look at the numbers shows that homeowners are... Read More

    Have Yourself an Inspired Little Christmas:10 scenes with festive trees and lights may spark ideas for your own holiday decor

    By Joanie Caskey | December 7, 2018

    If the Christmas songs playing at the grocery store or your neighbor’s impressive light display have you ready to get out the garlands, you’re in good company. And as you prepare to deck the halls this holiday season, we’ve collected a few favorite photos and design ideas from Christmas stories past to spark your decorative... Read More

    New Listing: 1322 Mayberry Circle in Greatwood

    By Joanie Caskey | December 5, 2018

    This beautiful Hammonds built home is located in Greatwood. It has an open floor plan with lots of windows, and a great floor plan. This oversize cul de sac lot is perfect for your pool, garden and play area. The kitchen has an island area overlooking into the living, a coffee bar, and dining area window... Read More

    Fun for the Holidays! Check Out this New & Interactive Installation on The Plaza at Avenida Houston

    By Joanie Caskey | December 3, 2018

      Avenida Houston welcomes LOOP, a cross between a music box, a zoetrope and a railway handcar. The retro-futuristic machine, more than two meters in diameter, creates animated fairy-tale loops. Through the combined efforts of members of the public working the hand lever, the image cylinder lights up and creates the illusion of motion in... Read More