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Monthly Archives: February 2017

    Sienna Plantation House Sold Fast

    By Joanie Caskey | February 23, 2017

    Selling your House Fast, the Right Way. $ Click for current homes for sale in Sienna Plantation Words that Real Estate Agents hate to hear… If it’s meant to be…. As much as we would like to debunk this statement at times  I find this statement to be true when Seller’s and Buyers take the... Read More

    Why it’s so important to have your Pre-approval in hand before you look

    By Joanie Caskey | February 17, 2017

    So you’ve decided 2017 is the year to buy a new home! Maybe you’re getting tired of renting or you are looking to upgrade your current home. Whatever your reason is, understand this: you’re heading into a hot housing market. In a hot Real Estate market, it is the norm for quality homes to sell in... Read More

    5 Reasons to Buy a House

    By Joanie Caskey | February 13, 2017

    Tired of Renting The Love of Renting gets real Old when you Realize that you keep paying for something that isn’t yours. The wear on the Moral is added to when you can’t paint, the landlord won’t let you have a family pet, or the cost to have the pet with extra deposits gets out... Read More

    Market Report for January 2017

    By Joanie Caskey | February 9, 2017

    MLS Report for January 2017 THE HOUSTON REAL ESTATE MARKET LAUNCHES 2017 IN POSITIVE TERRITORY Sales volume and pricing were up in January; inventory grew HOUSTON — (February 8, 2017) — The Houston housing market carried its positive momentum from 2016 into the new year, with single-family home sales and pricing both on the rise... Read More

    What factors Affect Your Interest Rate?

    By Joanie Caskey | February 1, 2017

    People have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to mortgage interest rates. Many people assume the same interest rate applies to everyone. That was true many years ago, but the mortgage industry has become much more sophisticated since then. Interest Rates are based on the assumed risk the lender is taking based on many... Read More